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The Dan Cemetery – Deposit, New York

This little cemetery is located on Kelsey Road in/near the little community of Danville, NY but it has a Deposit, New York address. It lies about 200 yards north of the famous Red Barn, on the same side of the road. A perfect description would be – “a quaint little cemetery that exudes peace and tranquility”. Completely shrouded under maple, oak and pine trees, the darkened stones date back to the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Time has taken its toll on these 20 some stones; a few have faded completely beyond identification. The plots that have only a bluestone or fieldstone marker were not photographed. All the names that could be read are posted with its corresponding gravestone in the gallery….

Dan Cemetery
(Decker), Johnnie – Died Dec. 30, 1889, Aged 8 yrs.
(Decker), Minnie E. – Died Dec. 30, 1889, Aged 11 yrs.
(Thomas), Hattie M. – Died Feb. 26, 1904, Aged 1 yr.
(Thomas), Nellie B. – Died Aug. 7, 1890, Aged 1 yr.
Ackley, Geo. – Co. C. – 147th PA INF. – Veteran Stone
Ackley, George – Co. G- 91 Reg. 1846 – 1896 (Veteran)
Bishop, Anna – Wife of John H. Bosket (the rest is illegible)
Bishop, Jacob B. – Died Apr. 29, 1891, Aged 52 yrs.
Bishop, William – Died Oct. 24, 1875, Aged 42 yrs. (Co. (I or L) , 2nd Reg., NY H. Art.)
Children of Aaron J. and Laura Decker (this is on the same stone as Minnie E. and Johnnie)
Children of H. J. and E. S. Thomas (This is on the same stone as Hattie M. and Nellie B.)
Cox, Eva May – Dau. Of — and Mary Cox, Died Jan. 1, 1886 – Aged 2 yrs.
Cox, Winfield M. – Died July 30, 1891, Aged 13 yrs.
Dan, Isaac – Died July 10, 1884, Aged 77 yrs. (Age is questionable)
Dan, Mary E. – Died Jan. 29, 1870 (barely legible, no picture)
Dan, Nancy – Wife of Isaac Dan, Died May 14, 1854, Aged 44 yrs.
Dan, Wellington – Died July 21, 1870, Aged 33 yrs.
Dann, Julia W. – Wife of Abijah Dann, Died Oct. 17, 1866, Aged 60 yrs.
Decker, Harold – Son of H. B. and Ruth Decker, 1907 -1907
Geanie, Leland – Son of F. J. and P. E. Geanie, Nov. 4, 1891 – Dec. 16, 1895
Gifford, Clyde H. – Son of Win and Hattie Gifford, Died Jan. 18, 1894, Aged 8 yrs.
Leonard, Orrilla E. – Wife of H. J. Leonard, Dau. of E. C. and A. M. Decker, Died Aug. 16, 1889, Aged 18 yrs.
Myrick, Clarissa C. – Wife of Thomas Myrick, Died May 24, 1886, Aged 45 yrs.
Reynolds, Goldman – Dec. 13, 1872, Aged 76 yrs.
Reynolds, Rachel D. – no dates, missing bottom of stone
Woodford, Orange B. – Born 1810, Died 1876, Aged 66 yrs.