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Susquehanna Centennial

Susquehanna Centennial Cover

Susquehanna Centennial Cover

Scanned pages from the Susquehanna Centennial can be found in the Susquehanna Centennial gallery

Various newspaper articles concerning Harmony Township, Susquehanna County, PA

From the Susquehanna County Historical Society, Montrose, PA

Botts, Joseph – Funeral occurred St. John’s Catholic on Mon. morn. Int. Laurel Hill Cem. Of Harmony Twp. Susquehanna Journal 7-Mar-1896

Botts, Joseph – Died Fri. A. M. – as 69 yr. 8 mos. stone quarry man leaves wife and one son. Susquehanna Journal 7-Mar-1896

Botts, Joseph – The funeral of Joseph K. Botts, of Harmony Twp., a pioneer bluestone quarry man, occurred and was largely attended from St. John’s Catholic Church on Monday, where requiem high mass as celebrated and the interment was made in Laurel Hill Cemetery Ind. Rep. 3-6-1896 (Susquehanna Items)

Botts, John – John Philip Botts of Buffalo, NY formerly of Lanesboro, died 10-17-1914 at the home of his daughter, Mrs. James Caul, Lanesboro, after an illness of two weeks. He was 65 years of age. Burial in Lanesboro cemetery. Mont. Dem. 10-22-1914

Liebig, Hulda – The remains of Mrs. Hulda Liebig, of Lanesboro, was brought here for burial Wednesday. Forest City News 3-12-1931 (Gelatt Items)

Liebig, Amelia – Mrs. Amelia Liebig, well-known resident of Harmony Township died at her home there Sunday morning following a brief illness. She was born 81 years ago at Elgin, Ill, but had resided in this section sicne she was three years old. Although in failing health for the past few years, she was active until last week. The following children survive: Mrs. Frank Brenchley, Mrs. Fred Saam and Frank Botts, of Lanesboro, Rudolph Botts, of Rochester, N. Y.; Harry and Morris Liebig of Harmony; Michael Liebig, of Binghamton, and Carl Liebig, of West Virginia. Twenty-two grandchildren and twenty- five great-grandchildren and several nieces and nephews also survive. The funeral was held from the family home Wednesday morningat 9 o’clock and at St. John’s church at 9:30. Interment in St. John’s cemetery.
Susquehanna Independent 2-26-1940

Schline, Viola – William J. Smith, of Susquehanna and Miss Viola Schline, of Lanesboro, were united in marriage in Binghamton, 2-16-1920 Mont. Dem. 2-16-1920

Brenchley, Harry and Kermit – a pathetic shooting accident occurred on Sunday in Susquehanna when Kermit Brenchley, 13 years old, was shot by his brother, Harry, 16. Mont. Dem. 6-19-1924

Brenchley, James B. – James B. Brenchley, of Susquehanna, died at his residence on 10-30-1923. His age was 50 years. He is survived by his wife, two children, his mother, one sister, Mrs. Wm. Conroy and three brothers, Frank, Henry and Fred. Interment in Evergreen cemetery. Mont. Dem. 11-1-1924

Lee, Margaret – Hulcey N. Meyers and Miss Margaret Lee both of Lanesboro, were united in marriage by Squire P. F. Morrison of this place on Wednesday morning of last week. Forest City News 9-26-1912

Myers, Hulcey – Considerable interest attached itself to the marriage of Hulcey Myers and Minnie Lee, both of Lanesboro, which occurred at Forest City on 9-18-1912, Justice P. F. Morrison performing the ceremony. The bride was cleared from the charge of the murder of her husband in the county courts last spring. Ind. Rep. 10-11-1912

Spears, David – son of Thomas Spears of Stevens Point, (this county), was killed on Dec. 27, 1902, in a rear-end collision on the Erie near Lackawaxen. The caboose on which Mr. Spears and a fellow workman were the only occupants, was overturned and set on fire. His companion was badly burned, but Mr. Spears body was burned until nothing was left but a few charred bones. Deceased was a member of the Methodist Church and several secret societies. Later…his father thinks that the remains were not found, and that his son is still alive. Montrose Democrat – 1-8-1903

Spears – In Brooklyn, NY, Nov. 30, Dorcas, wife of Thomas Spears, of Stevens Point. Montrose Democrat – Dec. 7, 1894

Clark Lee – Of Lanesboro, died 1-2-1921 at the home of his cousin, Fred Lee. He was born in 1826 and spent most of his life in Lanesboro. He is survived by one brother, Lewis Lee, of Stevens Point and several cousins. The funeral was held at the home of Horton German on 1-4-1921. Montrose Democrat – 1-13-1921

Peck, Horace O. – Horace O. Peck, of Brandt, died in Hahneman hospital, Scranton, on 9-14-1904 of Bright’s disease. He is survived by his wife, two sons and four daughters. The funeral in the Brandt Presbyterian church. Ind. Rep. 9-22-1904

Lee, George N. – The funeral of George N. Lee was held on Friday at the home of his daughter, Mrs. O. W. Wheeler, in Susquehanna. Burial in the Lanesboro Cemetery. Montrose Democrat – 5-20-1915

Lee- At Stevens Point, August 24, 1899, Alfred C. son of Mr. and Mrs. Clark Lee age 1 year. Democrat Sept. 7, 1899

Peck, Emma – Mrs. Emma Peck, widow of Horace O. Peck, died yesterday at the home of her son, Clarence M. Peck, in Binghamton. Mrs. Peck lived at one time in Brandt, PA. She is survived by a brother, the Rev. Titus E. Davis, of Washington, DC, 4 daughters, Mrs. William H. McKay, Mrs. Thomas P. Newford, Miss Sybil Peck and Mrs. R. G. Lamg, Jr. and two sons, Charles Theodore and Clarence M. Peck. Burial in Brandt, PA. Ind. Rep. 8-8-1924

Lee, Willis – The residents of Lanesboro are greatly agitated over the death of Willis Lee, which occurred at his home, last week. Arsenical poisoning was indicated and the stomach removed and sent to Philadelphia for analysis..Montrose Democrat 7-20-1911

Lee, Amasa Mrs. – Funeral services for Mrs. Amasa Lee, were held at the home in Lanesboro, Saturday afternoon. Burial was in the cemetery at Lanesboro. Ind. Rep. 6-18-1926 (Susquehanna Items)

Peck, H. O. – The death of H. O. Peck, late of Brandt, occurred in a hospital in Scranton, where he had been under treatment 9-14-1904. Mr. Peck was for a number of years engaged in the mercantile trade in Brandt. Montrose Democrat 9-22-1904

John Storer – Who suffered a stroke on 2-15, died Sunday. Funeral was held Tuesday at the house. Forest City News 2-18-1918 (Thompson Items)

Storer, Leon – Leon J. Storer, aged fifty years passed away in the Barnes Memorial hospital Wed. January 31. He was the son of the late John and Martha Storer, was born July 20, 1883 on the farm where he resided near Comfort’s Lake. Surviving him are his widow, who before marriage was Miss Grace Harding and one daughter, Martha Storer; two sisters, Mrs. Lewis Carries of NY City and Mrs. William Johnson of Binghamton, NY. Interment in Lanesboro Cemetery. Forest City News 2-8-1934

Storer – The funeral of the late Moses Storer occurred April 20, 1900 at the home of his daughter Mrs. E. T. Bailey of Stevens Point. Interment at Brandt. Mr. Storer was 87 years of age is survived by one daughter Mrs. Bailey and two sons, George and Isaac. Dem. May 10, 1900

Storer, Fred – The funeral of Fred Storer was held Sunday. The funeral attendance was very large and deceased was buried at Lanesboro. Mr. Storer was 71 years of age. Forest City News 3-9-1922 (Thompson Items)

Storer, Mrs. John A. – Mrs. John A. Storer, a life-long resident of Susquehanna, died at her home Friday 10-11-1918. Her survivors are two daughters, Helen of NY City and Mrs. W. G. Johnston of Binghamton; a son, Leon, of Susquehanna and a sister, Mrs. A. D. Fish, of Franklin. Burial was in Lanesboro Cemetery. Montrose Democrat 10-17-1918

Storer, Mary – Died in Harmony, May 14, 1879, Mary, wife of Jacob Storer, aged 65 years, one month. Montrose Democrat May 28, 1879

Storer, Cora – Rev. and Mrs. J. E. Swineford attended the funeral of Mrs. Cora Storer, Bethel Hill, on Friday 1st. Forest City News 2-1-1940 (Jackson Items)

Storer, John A. – John A. Storer died at his home in Susquehanna, Sunday, 2-24-1918 from paralysis. A wife, two daughers, Helen, of NY and Mrs. W. G. Johnson, of Binghamton and one son, Leon, of Susquehanna, survive. Interment in Lanesboro Cemetery. Ind. Rep. 3-8-1918

Storer, Martha E. – on 10-4th, there passed from earth one of whom the wise man might well have been thinking when he said: “Her price is far above rubies”. Martha Evelyn Watson, was born 1-4-1847, the daughter of Andrew and Susan Watson, of Franklin Forks. In 1874 she married John A. Storer…Ind. Rep. 11-15-1918

Stevens, John B. – one of Harmony’s old and most respected citizens died at his home in Steven’s Point, Thursday afternoon, July 18, age 75 years 6 mos and 2 days. The interment was at Steven’s Point Cemetery. Susquehanna Ledger July 24, 1895

Stevens, John B. – one of the oldest residents of the Starrucca Valley died at his home at Steven’s Point, on Thursday evening, in his seventy sixth year. Forest City News 7-25-1895

Stevens, Mrs. John – At Stevens Point, April 24, 1901, Mrs. John Stevens, aged 76 years. Funeral from M. E. Church in that place last Friday. Independent Republican May 3, 1901

Brown, Ed – Word has been received of the accidental death of Ed Brown, of Melrose. He was cleaning his shot gun when the accident occurred. Rev. Lucas had charge of the funeral services, on Tuesday. Forest City News 2-4-1932 (Starrucca Items)

Brown, Aurella – After a lingering illness, Mrs. Aurella Brown, of Lanesboro, died 9-9-1915. Deceased is survived by one daughter, Marjorie and one son, Louis, of Lanesboro. Montrose Democrat 9-23-1915

Rockwell, A. R. – AE 83, died Stevens Point Sun. New Milford Advertiser 30 Mar. 1889

Terrell, Phillip – Tuesday at his home in Brandt, at 5:15 p.m., occurred the death of Phillip Terrell, aged 77 years. The funeral occurred this afternoon at 1:30 o’clock. Interment in Brandt cemetery. Tri-Weekly Journal, Susquehanna 5-12-1904

Terrell, Clarence – The funeral of Master Clarence Terrell was well attended at the M. E. Church on Sunday afternoon. Ind. Rep. Sept. 13, 1901 (Lanesboro)

Terrell – Calvin Terrell aged 72 died Wed. at home in Steven’s Point. The funeral will be tomorrow. Susq. Ledger Oct. 9, 1895

Terrell, Calvin – The funeral of Calvin Terrell, an old resident of Steven’s Point, occurred on Friday last. Ind. Rep. 10-11-1895 (Susquehanna Items)

Terrell, Delevan – Delevan Terrell died at Stevens’ Point on Monday in his fifteenth year. The funeral will occur this afternoon. Ind. Rep. 12-27-1895 (Susquehanna Items)

Terrell, Mr. and Mrs. George – In one of the worst grade crossing accidents in the history of the county, two people lost their lives and four others were injured. Mr. and Mrs. George Terrell, of Lanesboro, are dead and their three-year-old son is in serious condition at the Barnes Memorial hospital in Susquehanna. In company with George Romanine and Lewis O’Dell, of Johnson City, the family was en route to Binghamton, where Mr. Terrell expected to establish a new home. Romaine was driving the touring car.
Work on the state road in Lanesboro necessitates a detour for a short distance and the crossing is on this detour adjacent to the railroad station. The lay of the land prevents a view of the tracks in either direction. As Romaine drove his car on the tracks the motor stalled and the fast freight caught the car broadside and hurled it many feet. The little boy was thrown from the machine and through a large window into the waiting room of the station. He suffered a compound fracture of the right leg; his left side was crushed and he sustained cuts of the head and face.
Mr. Terrell was killed instantly and Mrs. Terrell died in the hospital on Monday morning. Mr. Terrell was forty-five years of age and his wife was twenty-eight. Romaine was badly cut, his left cheek being severed from the corner of his mouth to his ear and a part of his ear was torn away. O’Dell was less seriously injured. Edmund Monell, of Lanesboro, temporary watchman at the crossing, was struck by the car as it was hurled through the air and he was painfully injured. Coroner Lyons is making an investigation. Montrose Democrat 10-15-1925

Terrell, George and Phebe – A terrible accident occurred Sunday when an automobile stalled on the track of the D & H railroad at Lanesboro. George Terrell, aged 45 was dead; his wife, Mrs. Phebe Terrell, aged 28, died at the Barnes Hospital, Monday. Ind. Rep. 10-16-1925

Prentice, Jake – Jake Prentice, sond of Joseph and Phoebe Prentice, died of typhoid, age nearly 17. Daughter died in a fall near Brandt Station a few years ago. Ind. Rep. Oct. 27, 1884 (Steven Point News)

Prentice, Mrs. J. G. – Mrs. J. G. Prentice died at her home in Steven’s Point, Friday afternoon, she was fifty years old. Forest City News 3-29-1894

Prentice, John F. – John F. Prentice, sond of Mr. and Mrs. William Prentice, died on Tuesday from injuries received on Wednesday of last week, by falling off the high embankment east of the coal pockets. His age was 26 years. Funeral will occur today. Independent Republican May 8, 1896

Prentice – a sad and fatal accident occurred in Lanesboro, Sept. 28, resulting in the death of a daughter of Frank Prentice three years old. Mrs. Prentice was engaged in cleaning the M. E. church when the child fell backward into a tub containing hot water. Dr. Goodwin was called but in spite of all he could the child never rallied from the shock and passed at six o’clock Friday morning. Mont. Dem. Oct. 5, 1899

Prentice – The funeral of the three year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Prentice of Lanesboro, occurred from the house on Sunday morning, Rev. D. C. Barnes, pastor of the Lanesboro Methodist Church officiating. The little one received fatal injuries on Thursday by falling into a tub of hot water, while the mother engaged in cleaning the Methodist church edifice. Ind. Rep. 10-2-1899

Prentice, William – After an illness of two weeks, William Prentice, an old resident of Susquehanna, died on Tuesday morning. The funeral took place today. Ind. Rep. 12-19-1902 (Susquehanna Items)

Prentice, Mrs. Harry E. – The death of Mrs. Harry E. Prentice occurred at her home in Lanesboro on 3-10-1912. Her age was 23 years. She is survived by her husband, one son, her father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Atwell of Cascade Valley, 4 sisters and one brother. Montrose Democrat 3-21-1912

Prentice, Fred – Echoes of the great Blizzard – In the three boroughs – Susquehanna, Lanesboro, Oakland, two deaths are attributed to the storm. The first death occurred last Friday, when Frank Steirch, Erie maintenance man, of Oakland, fell through a skylight while clearing snow from the roof of the coach shop. The second victim was Fred Prentice, D & H assistant maintenance foreman, who died of injuries after he was hit by a railroad plow while at work north of Lanesboro last Thursday. (no newspaper or dates given)

Prentice, Arthur – Lanesboro youth, who was injured by being struck by an automobile at Lanesboro, died at the Barnes hospital, at Susquehanna Monday. An operation was performed by Dr. Washburn in the hopes of saving the young man’s life but all in vain. He was injured internally, besides sustaining a fracture of the thigh. Ind. Rep. 5-14-1926 (Local Paragraphs)

Prentice, Eunice – Mrs. Eunice Prentice of Lanesboro, died at the home of her son, Frank Prentice in that place 10-24-1914. She was 87 years old. She is survived by the following sons, Frank and Edward Prentice of Lanesboro, and Louis and Charles Prentice of Susquehanna. Ind. Rep. 10-30-1914

Prentice, Lorenzo Dow – On Sunday 2-20th, occurred the death of L. D. Prentice at the home of his son, George A. Prentice, at Stevens Point, Pa. at the age of 80 years. He had made this his home since the death of his wife, 10-27-1918. He was born 12-26-1840. He is survived by four sons, George A., Erwin D., Eugene D., Fred I., and one daughter, Luania Greene, one brother, Glen Prentice and one sister, Mrs. Jane Hand. Burial at Hale Eddy. Forest City News 3-3-1921

Prentice, Louis – Louis Prentice, aged 28, died at Barnes Memorial Hospital, Susquehanna, Monday 9-24-1923. He is survived by his father, Loren Prentice. Montrose Democrat 9-27-1923

Saam, Fred – Born to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Saam, of Lanesboro, a daughter. Montrose Democrat 2-26-1914

Saam, Chas. – Born to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Saam, of Lanesboro, a daughter. Montrose Democrat 2-1-1923

Saam, Mrs. Charles – The death of Mrs. Charles Saam occurred Thursday 12-3-1914 at her home in Lanesboro after a few days illness. She is survived by her husband and two small children, a baby two weeks old. Burial was in Carbondale. Mont. Dem. 12-10-1914

Saam, Carolyn Eva – Married 10-5-1940 at the parsonage by Rev. George B. Graves, Daniel Ulrich LeVeille, 19, of Susquehanna and Carolyn Eva Saam, 19, of Lanesboro. Methodist Episcopal Church Records of Susquehanna #3769-2

Saam, Jacob – Miss Helen Shaffer, dau. Of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Shaffer of Carbondale and Jacob Saam of Lanesboro, were united in marriage on Friday morning, 9-19-1919 at the Methodist Episcopal parsonage, Carbondale by Rev. M. S. Godshall. Ind. Rep. 9-26-1919

Zeigler, Joseph – Joseph Zeigler, a quarryman, was found dead in his home near Stevens Point on Friday. Linus Wheeler noticed an electric light burning in his home and peering through a window saw him lying motionless. Police investigated and found that he died apparently from a heart attack. Mr. Zeigler at one time conducted a cigar store in Susquehanna. Montrose Independent 9-Nov-1939

Zeigler, Mrs. Anthony – Mrs. Lena Zeigler, 66, widow of Anthony Zeigler, died at her home in Lanesboro on Tuesday morning, Feb. 15, at 6:40. She had been ill for sometime. She was a native of Germany, coming with her parents to Lanesboro when she was four years old. Her husband died in 1930 and she is survived by two daughters, Mrs. Melvin Caffery, of Lanesboro; Mrs. George Spoonhower, of Susquehanna; two sons, Francis and Philip Zeigler, of Lanesboro, a step-son, Harry Zeigler, of Syracuse; two brothers, Leo and John Braungardt, of Lanesboro, and one sister, Mrs. John Zeigler, of Elmira. She was a member of St. John’s church, Susquehanna, and a member of the Rosary and the other church societies. The funeral will be held Friday morning at 9:30 in St. John’s church.

Zeigler, Mr. – The remains of a young son of Mr. and Mrs. Zeigler were on Saturday last interred in Laurel Hill Catholic cemetery. Ind. Rep. 5-31-1901 (Susquehanna notes)

Zeigler, Mrs. – The funeral of Mrs. Zeigler was largely attended Tuesday morning from St. John’s Church. Ind. Rep. 2-5-1915 (Susquehanna Items)

Zeigler, John – Wed. afternoon of last week John Zeigler, of Stony Point, N. Y., who was visiting at the home of his son in law, George Blank, in Brandt, committed suicide by shooting himself through the heart. Deceased was 75 years of age and subject to fits of melancholm. Forest City News 8-4-1892

Ziegler, Michael – The funeral of Michael Ziegler, whose sudden death occurred on 4-4-1913, was attended from the home in Lanesboro, the burial was in Laurel Hill Cemetery. Mont. Dem. 4-10-1913

Ziegler, Michael – Michael Ziegler, who lives near Lanesboro, was instantly killed at Steven’s Point on Thursday by a D & H. train. He was driving a horse over the crossing at that point when the locomotive struck the vehicle, throwing him about 25 feet and fracturing his skull. Ind. Rep. 12-18-1914

Ziegler, Michael – Tuesday morning between 9 and 10 o’clock, Michael Ziegler, who resides near Lanesboro, was instantly killed at Stevens Point, Pa. by a D. & H. train. Mr. Ziegler, who is an aged and highly respected citizen, was taking his milk to the creamery, at Stevens Point, and as he ws passing over the Stevens Point railroad crossing, a D. & H. train struck his wagon, throwing Mr. Ziegler about 25 feet, where he struck his head, receiving a fractured skull. Life was extinct when the unfortunate man was picked up. The wagon was demolished and the horse slightly injured. The body was taken to Dooley’s undertaking rooms in Susquehanna, to be prepared for burial. Mont. Dem. Dec. 17, 1914

Ziegler, James – James Ziegler, 23, of Lanesboro, died in the Barnes Memorial Hospital at 5 p.m., Wednesday of last week as the result of the injuries he sustained earlier in the day when a motorcycle he was riding crashed into a building housing a carpenter shop and located but a short distance from the hospital. Dr. R. C. Davis, of the hospital staff, said his death was due to a fractured skull and other serious injuries. Mr. Ziegler was a native of Lanesboro and served in the U. S. Navy during World War II, being in the Pacific area. He had been released from the service only a few weeks ago. Surviving are his father, Philip Ziegler; of Carbondale, formerly of Lanesboro, and a sister, Mrs. Reed J. Knorr, of Susquehanna. His funeral was conducted on Monday morning at 9:30 in St. John’s church, Susquehanna. Interment was in the parish cemetery. Mont. Dem. 4-Apr-1946

Mutchler – Heath – July 31st, by Rev. J. R. Wagner, at the M. E. Parsonage, Mr. Christopher Mutchler, and Miss Edna Heath, of Harmony, Pa. Ind. Rep. Aug. 8, 1881 (Separate Newspapers)

Mutcher – John E. Mutcher, a well-known resident of Lanesboro, died in his home in that place on Friday evening, Jan. 9th. He was 48 years of age and for three years a soldier in the Regular Army of the U. S. He had been in poor health for some time suffering from valvular heart trouble. For several years he had been a foreman for the D. & H. railroad at Lanesboro. He is survived by a wife and three children; also a mother and one brother. The funeral was held at the Lanesboro M. E. church on Monday and burial was in the Lanesboro cemetery. The departed soldier was given full military honors by Strider-Tesky Post of the American Legion of Susquehanna. Montrose Independent Jan. 15, 1931

Clark, Derby – Living near Susquehanna Depot, Mr. Clark met with a terrible fate on the 7th, the particulars of which we find in the Northern Pennsylvanian. He left Susquehanna on foot in the evening to return home carrying with him a clock and a looking glass, and following the track had got as far as the Lanesboro Crossing, on the Erie Railway and spying a train approaching, stepped over on the other track, and was run over and instantly killed by a train passing in an opposite direction, which he did not discover in time to escape. The body of the unfortunate man was found soon after so terribly mangled and torn as scarcely to be recognized. Mr. Clark was a soldier and drew a pension consequence of being crippled in the war. He leaves a wife and several children in destitute circumstances. The Port Jervis Evening Gazette Saturday, April 15th, 1873

The Story of the Auxiliary of the Strider/Tesky Post 86 of Susquehanna, PA

World War I was over. Returned veterans were struggling to obtain proper care and just compensation for their disabled comrades, to gain jobs, to start into civilian lives for themselves, and to prevent the security and freedom of America for which they had fought from being lost in peace. The women of their families wanted to help. To supplement the strength of the newly organized American Legion, the mothers, wives, sisters and daughters of the Legionnaires, those of the war dead, and the women veterans, formed The American Legion Auxiliary.

In the gallery, please find some interesting papers that recount the actions and events that took place during the early stages of the American Legion Auxiliary’s Post 86 in Susquehanna, PA…….

1945 Honor Roll of Soldiers - Susquehanna, PA

Susquehanna Honor Roll of Soldiers

Lanesboro Centennial 1889 – 1989

Lanesboro Centennial 1889-1989 Front Cover

Lanesboro Centennial 1889-1989 Front Cover

Additional pages can be found in the Lanesboro Centennial 1889 – 1989 gallery.