Grandma’s Book

Grandma's Book

Grandma's Book

Ackley, Edgar and Mabel (Car Accident)
Adair, Ada Ella (Tucker)
Andrews, Charles
Atkinson, Ruth
Baird, A. J.
Baldwin, Carrie
Baldwin, Carrie (Funeral Notice)
Ball, Stephen Charles (Funeral Notice)
Barnes – Hall Marriage (Part 1)
Barnes – Hall Marriage (Part 2)
Bauman, John
Bauman, John (Funeral Notice)
Baumann, Bertha
Bedford, Valeda Mae
Bedford, Valeda Mae (Funeral Notice)
Bice – Sampson (New Business)
Blackinton, Charles W.
Blank, Wilhemina
Bleck, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore W. (50th Anniversary)
Botts – Tompkins Wedding
Brush, Fred L.
Brush, Mrs. Catherine A.
Calhoun, Lucy (Connelly)
Carnegie – Austin Marriage
Carnegie, John C.
Carnegie, Mrs. Nellie E.
Carnegie, Mrs. Nellie E. (Funeral Notice)
Carpenter – Hunt (Train Accident)
Carr, Thomas A. (Funeral Notice)
Carvin, Ida L.
Cleveland, Bessie
Cleveland, Mable J.
Clifford, Aaron
Cline, Sylvia Mae (Funeral Notice)
Cline, Walter M.
Comfort, Rev. George (Funeral Notice)
Connelly, Amos H.
Connelly, John J.
Criddle, Russell M.
Decker, George F.
Duell, Doris
Edwards, Georgianna (Funeral Notice)
Eggleston, Maude
Eggleston, Maude (Funeral Notice)
Ellnor, John D. (Obit)
Empet, Mrs. Thomas (Funeral Notice)
Erie Railroad (Jefferson Branch Slides)
Erie Wreck – (March 8, 1956)
Etchings on the Erie
Feinbloom, Myrtle
Finch, Mary
For the Railroad Men (July 14, 1895)
For The Railroad Men (July 30, 1911)
For the Railroad Men (June 25, 1905)
For The Railroad Men (June 9, 1895)
For the Railroad Men (March 25, 1894)
For the Railroad Men (March. 11, 1894)
For The Railroad Men (May 5, 1895)
For the Railroad Men (Oct. 30, 1898)
French, Ida (Watkins)
French, Robert E. (Funeral Notice)
Garbera, Michael H.
Geer – Lawrence Marriage
Geer, Leon (Stunt Flier Killed)
Geer’s Store, Stevens Point (Penny Candy Ad)
Gillespie, Richard T.
Goodrich, George
Graves, James A.
Hamilton, Eva (Aug. 9, 1891)
Hamilton, Eva (Dec. 7, 1890)
Hamilton, Eva (July 19, 1891)
Hamilton, Eva (July 22, 1891))
Hawkins, Chauncy E.
Hawkins, Chauncy E. (Funeral Notice)
Heller, George A.
Herbert, Edward H.
Hoffman, Mary A.
Hoffman, Mrs. Mary A. (Funeral Notice)
Hogancamp, Alfred
Hovencamp – Stevens (Jail Break)
Hunter, Joseph (Accident)
Ives, Jane (Spears)
Kany, Anna (Funeral Notice)
Keebin, Mrs. George (Funeral Notice)
Keefer, John
Keene, Frederick W.
Kessler Chemical Company
Kettel George F. (Funeral Notice)
Kettel, George F.
Kingsley, Henry (Train Accident – Pt. 1)
Kingsley, Henry (Train Accident – Pt. 2)
Kozen, Frank M.
Kozen, Frank M. (Funeral Notice)
Lamb, William J.
Lanesboro News (April 24, 1919)
Lattimer, Josephine (Beaumont) – (Funeral Notice)
Laughlin, Andrew
Lee, Minnie (Jan. 31, 1912)
Lee, Minnie (July 30, 1911)
Lewis, Mr. and Mrs. Jerome (Anniversary)
Liebig, John (Funeral Notice)
Limbert, Mrs. Myles S.
Limbert, Mrs. Myles S. (Funeral Notice)
Limbert, Myles
Malloy, Robert R.
Marx, Nina E.
Marx, Nina E. (Funeral Notice)
McAdams – Bennett Marriage
McCaslin, Katherine K.
McKune, Roy Fowler
McMahon, John
McNally, John
McNally, John (Funeral Notice)
McNamara, John S.
McNamara, Patrick
Millard, Anna E. (Funeral Notice)
Mormon (Susquehanna Pilgrimage)
Morse, Sanford
Murphy, Edward J.
Murphy, Robert H. (Funeral Notice)
O’Dell, Lewis
O’Dell, Morris
Orrine (Medical Advertisement)
Osterhout, Maurice H.
Palmiter, Audrey P. (Funeral Notice)
Palmiter, James E. (Funeral Notice)
Petit, Carmine (Arrest)
Prentice, Fred (Arrest)
Ramey, Bert (Will)
Reed – Rockwell Marriage
Reigles, Otto (Funeral Notice)
Rivenburg, Mr. and Mrs. Lorie (Anniversary)
Robson, Rennison, Sr.
Rose, Julia A. (Missionary)
Saam – Seamen (Car Accident)
Saam, Henry
Schade, Charles (Gene)
Schade, Charles (Gene) (Funeral Notice)
Schank, Frederick
Schenck, Susan R.
Simmons, Ira
Simpson, Edward
Snyder, Florence (Spoor)
Spanish Influenza (Medical Advertisement)
Springett, Laura (Cutting)
Starrucca Viaduct Article
Stevens, Cora (Knight)
Stickley, Gustave (Funeral Notice)
Stickley, Gustave (Obit)
Storer, John
Storer, Mary
Susquehanna Liberty Bonds
Susquehanna News (April 10, 1945
Susquehanna News (April 24, 1919)
Susquehanna News (April 9, 1915)
Susquehanna News (Aug. 4, 1905)
Susquehanna News (August 23, 1923)
Susquehanna News (Dec. 19, 1949)
Susquehanna News (Dec. 2, 1904)
Susquehanna News (July 18, 1907 (Pt. 1)
Susquehanna News (July 18, 1907 (Pt. 2)
Susquehanna News (July 19, 1910)
Susquehanna News (June 25, 1940)
Susquehanna News (June 6, 1922)
Susquehanna News (May 23, 1924)
Susquehanna Soldiers (Exemption List)
Sutton, Samuel
Tinkler, Lena M. – (Funeral Notice)
Van Fleet, Griffith
Wadin, Harold S.
Walker, Eunice
Walker, Frank
Walker, Hannah
Washburn, Elmer
Watkins – Risley Marriage
Watkins, Lyman
Westcott, Ella
Whitmore, Miles Oliver
Wilmont, Walter
Wright, Fenno
Yeager, Charles
Ziegler, Philip M.

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  1. Thomas Hayes
    Posted September 3, 2012 at 1:45 pm | Permalink

    Hi Diane,

    I have been enjoying your recent postings and notice that Philip M Ziegler shows obit dated Jan 31, 1963. Believe it to be 1960.

    Appreciate all you are doing.


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