The Saam – Barton Scrapbook #9

Saam-Barton Scrapbook #9

Saam-Barton Scrapbook #9

100 Years Ago (Tri-Weekly Journal 1990)
Alexander, Lucille G.
American Legion Basketball (1923)
American Legion Grand Opening (Susquehanna, PA)
American Legion Memorial Building (1965)
Bag Ladies (Starrucca, PA)
Bailey, Emma
Barnes, Helen Stephens
Barrett – Walker (Wedding)
Barton – Corse (Wedding)
Baumann’s Bowling Team (1965)
Bayley, Miss Mary A.
Beach Cancer Sanitorium (Oakland, PA)
Beavan, LeGrande C.
Beck, Richard
Beebe, Charles Frederick
Benning, Mr. and Mrs. George (55th Anniv.)
Bennion – Saam (Wedding)
Bennion-Saam (Wedding)
Benson, Harry M.
Benson, John W.
Benson-Palmer (Hunters)
Booth, Ronald G.
Boyden, Charles
Brick Restaurant (Susquehanna, PA)
Buchanan, Daisy Mae
Buchanan, Kenneth G.
Bugbee, Louise Aldrich
Butts, Samuel R.
Canawacta Band (Lanesboro, PA 1895)
Cappelloni, Father Thomas A.
Casey, Gerald J.
Catholic Daughters of America (50th Anniv.)
CeCeFred’s Bar Bowling Team
Central Hotel (Jackson, PA 1910)
Chemical Co. Ladies Auxiliary (1963)
Chemical Engine Co. (1953)
Collier, Willard (Jock)
Commonwealth Tele. Co. (Ladies 1955)
Conarton, John W.
Conklin, Margaret J. (Peggy)
Conklin, Mary Lou
Conrad, Brandon R.
Conrad, Ethan C.
Consolidated Locomotive (Erie Shops 1877)
Cook, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew
Cook-Bayley (Wedding)
Cooke, Josephine
Corse, Arvilla M.
Cotter, Michael O’Brien
Covered Bridge (Old Mill Village)
Craft, James
Craig,Mitchell, Hughes (Baby Contest 1963)
Crowley, Rev. Thomas F.
Cuevas, Mary
Dantini, Anna
Dean, Elizabeth Pearl
Dean, Elizabeth Pearl (90th Birthday)
DeAngelis, Louis J.
Decker, Judith E.
DeFrancisco-Decker (Marr.)
DeLarco, Diane and Darlene
DHRR Train Wreck(Lanesboro, PA)
Dooley, Robert
Dropp, John James
Eddleston, David and Susan
Edwards, Mildred A.
Empett, Searle E., Sr.
Engelhart, John
Erie Hose Co. (1939)
Erie Hose Co. (1964 Honorees)
Erie Hose Co. (Early 1900’s)
Erie Protective Hose Co. (Early 1900’s)
Erie RR Motor Car Dept. (1930’s)
Erie Shops (Susquehanna, PA)
Erie-Lackawanna Veterans
Estabrook, Rose
Farmer, George Gilbert
Fenescey, Jean
Ficarro, Blanche W.
Ficarro, Joseph J.
Ficarro, Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin (45th Anniv.)
Firemen Parade (1917)
Foster, C. Garfield
French’s Basketball Team
French’s Softball Team
Fritze, Anthony J.
Fuller – Dean (Wedding)
Galloway, James W.
Glatzel, Cathy Lynn
Glover, Mr. and Mrs. Vaughn C., Jr.
Grace, Dr. James J.
Grausgruber, Marion J.
Hadden, Dorothy L.
Hadden, Gwen (70th Birthday)
Haggerty, Joanne R.
Hamilton, Helen C.
Hamilton, Richard
Haynes, Harry and Frank
Heller, Claude (Smokey)
Hennessey, Gerald M.
Hill, Rev. Raymond A. (1st Article)
Hill, Rev. Raymond A. (2nd Article)
Hill, Rev. Raymond A. (3rd Article)
Hobart, Ann (80th Birthday)
Hospital Open House (1965)
Hough, Frederick
Houlihan, Antoinette C.
Howell, Sadie Caroline
Huntsman, Father Edward
Huntsman, Father Edward (Death)
Hurley, Ivah P.
Irwin, Mary A.
Jones, Agnes M.
Kane, Frances G.
Kello, Leonard
Kello, Leonard (Honors)
Knights of Columbus (Susquehanna, PA 1963)
Knorr, Mr. and Mrs. William
Lake, Donald A., Sr.
Lanesboro (PA) HS (1898)
Lanesboro (PA) Parade (1990)
Langford, Robert
Laurel Hill Academy – SHS (50th Reunion Pt.1)
Laurel Hill Academy – SHS (50th Reunion Pt.2)
Laurel Hill Academy (Class of 1939)
Laurel Hill Academy (Mission Queen)
Laurel Hill Academy Basketball (1963)
Laurel Street School (Susquehanna, PA)
Lawson, Mary G.
Lawton – Edwards (Wedding)
Lee, Robert E. (Railroad Cars)
LeStrange, Mary
Liebig, Anna I
Liebig, Emma E.
Lindgren, Jack
Loyal Order of Moose (1966)
Loyal Order of Moose (Donation)
Madigan, Mary (Houlihan)
Mail Delivery Vehicles
Mango, Patsy
Marshall, Marguerite E.
Matis Bowling Team (1965)
Mazikewich, Mr. and Mrs. Bill
McClure, Rhea Marguerite (Wood)
McDermott, Thomas and Harris
McGuane, Gary
McKinney, Mary R. (Reynolds)
McLaud, Homer B.
McMahon, Mary Louise
McMahon, Rev. Bart
McMahon, Sister Annabelle M.
McNerney, Josephine M.
Memorial Day Parade 1991 (Susquehanna, PA)(Pt.1)
Memorial Day Parade 1991 (Susquehanna, PA)(Pt.2)
Memories 1942 (Susquehanna, PA)
Mess, William
Moore, Richard C.
Moose Basketball Team (1946)
Motor Car Dept. (Erie RR)
Nagel, Carl
Noyes, Dr. Willard
Oakland (PA) High School (Class of 1941)
Old Tyme Fiddlers
O’Malley – Hurley (Speaker and Host)
Out For the Day (Early 1900’s)
Paccio, Catherine
Pagano, Frank J.
Pagano, Maddeline
Parade Float 1918 (Susquehanna, PA)
Parsons, DeWitt H.
Patrillo, Albert J., Jr.
Pavelski, Walter
Perrine Furniture Employees (Susquehanna, PA)
Perry – Eldred (Engagement)
Perry – Eldred (Wedding)
Perry Family (Reunion)
Pickering, Esther L.
Pierce, William
Plane Crash (Oakland, PA)
Plutino, Isabelle M.
Potter, Girton J.
Price, Donald
Price, Donald (Funeral Notice)
Reddon, Dorothy (Williams)
Reddon, Robert
Reddon, Thomas
Reddon’s Drug Store (1964)
Residents Reunion (Susquehanna, PA)
Rhone Family
Rockwell, Barbara M.
Rockwell-Corse (Wedding)
Romeika, Jerry
Romeika, Matthew
Russell-Decker (Wedding)
Ryan, Mary (Parrillo)
S.C.H.S. (Seniors 1966)
Saam, Mr. and Mrs. Donald
Saam, Rosemary (Galbo)
Salvage Drive 1942 (Susquehanna, PA)
Sanborn, Marion E.
Schell, Florence L
Schline, Christopher G.
Schline, Mr. and Mrs. Chris
School Memories (Stevens Point, PA)
Schrader, Ralph J., Sr.
Schwartz Cablevision Studio
Seamans, Bruce L.
Seamans, Kenneth
Sellitto, Mrs. And Mrs. John, Sr. (Anniv.)
Semnack, Devaney, Klein (Robbery)
Shay, Oscar Ralph, Sr.
Shimer, Joe B.
Sienko, Larry
Silipo, Dominic
Slocum, Scott
Slocum, Theodore Vernon
Soldiers 1914 (Susquehanna, PA)
SOLIDA (Industrial Park 1st Art.)
SOLIDA (Industrial Park 2nd Art.)
SOLIDA (Industrial Park 3rd Art.)
St. John’s Church Fire (Susquehanna, PA)
St. Lawrence Church (Great Bend (PA) Seniors)
St. Martin Church (Jackson, PA) (1st Art.)
St. Martin Church (Jackson, PA) (2nd Art.)
St. Martin Church (Jackson, PA) (3rd Art.)
St. Martin Church (Jackson, PA) (4th Art.)
Stanton, Francis S.
Starrucca House (Susquehanna, PA)
Starrucca Viaduct (1990 History)
Stevens Point (PA) School
Stewart, Col. Stewart (Pt. 1)
Stewart, Col. Stewart (Pt. 2)
Stout-Esso Bowling Team (1965)
Summers, Herbert L
Summers, Mr. and Mrs. Lee (50th Anniv.)
Susquehanna (PA) Bowling Team (1940’s)
Susquehanna (PA) Fires (1971)
Susquehanna (PA) Football Team (1920)
Susquehanna (PA) High School (Class of 1914)
Susquehanna (PA) HS Basketball
Susquehanna (PA) HS Reunion (Class of 1914)
Susquehanna (PA) HS Reunion (Class of 1949)
Susquehanna (PA) Little League (1952)
Susquehanna (PA) Little League (1957)
Susquehanna (PA) Men (1930)
Susquehanna (PA) Restoration (1990)
Susquehanna (PA) Sidewalk Sales 1964)
Susquehanna(PA) (1945)
Susquehanna, (PA) Comm. H. S. (Seniors 1966)
Susquehanna-Laurel Hill-Oakland (35th Class Reunion)
Thorn, George Raymond
Tigue, Willilam D.
Timlin, Rev. James C.
Tingley, Justin W.
Tri-Boro News (1990)
Upright, Steave Clifford
Valentine, Robert Norman
VanDuser, Dulan W. (Fred)
Volk, Katherine Margaret (Pt. 1)
Volk, Katherine Margaret (Pt. 2)
Wanatt, Muriel Elios (Washburn)
Washburn, C. Vaughn
Washburn, Chester Shay
Webb, Marion Corselius
Welch, Sadie L.
Welch, Walter
Wheaton, Thelma A.
White, Arthur G
White, Edward J.
Williams, Mary M
Women of the Moose (1964)
Yale, Geraldine D.
Yale, Wendell Reno, Jr.
Yannone, John D. (Cuggy)
Zaharis, Dr. George

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