Extracts From Books I and II, Susquehanna Deaths, Susquehanna County Courthouse, Montrose, PA (Brandt Burials – Unmarked Graves)

Harmony Deaths 1893-1905

The entries below, abstracted from Books I & II, Susquehanna Deaths, Recorder’s Office, Susquehanna Co. Court House, Montrose, PA, are either deaths that occurred in Harmony Twp. or deaths that occurred elsewhere with burial in the Brandt Cemetery.

Charles Alexander, married, b Jackson, Farmer, d Brandt 6 Dec 1893, Brights Disease (Kidney failure), 7 wks, Burial: Brandt, age 38 **Has a stone**

Daniel C. Myrick, married, b Mt. Upton, NY, Farmer, d 5 Mar 1893, Old Age, 4 days,

Burial: Brandt, age 77 ** Has a stone **

Mary Lake, single, b Stevens Point, d Stevens Point 18 July 1894, Cholera Infantum, 2 wks, Burial: Brandt, d/o P.K. & Mary Lake, age 1 *No stone*

Percival Lake, b Stevens Point, d Stevens Point 18 Feb 1895, Breach, 2 days, Burial: Brandt, s/o P.K. & Mary Lake, age 5wks *No stone*

Carlton Watkins, b Brandt, d Brandt 1 July 1895, Spasms, 2 days, Burial: Brandt, s/o Wm. & Hattie Watkins, age 3 days *No stone*

Horace E. Ramey, single, b Brandt, d Brandt 24 Feb 1895, Rheumatism of the Heart, Burial: Brandt, s/o Wm & Mary Ramey, age 21 **Has a stone**

Marguerite Clearwater, single, b Brandt, d Brandt ( ) June 1895, Weakness, Burial: Brandt, d/o Wm & Lena Clearwater, age 2 mos *No stone*

Dorcas E. Spears, b Broome Co., NY, d (Place not given ) 30 Nov 1895, Tumor, 2y, Burial: Brandt, age 45 y **Has a stone**

Irene Benedict, single, b Delhi, NY, d Jackson 5 Sept 1895, Burial: Brandt, age 79

Moses Storer, married, b (        ), d Harmony 18 April 1900, Hernia, 1 wk, Burial: Brandt, age 87

**Has a stone**

John Mead, married, b. (   ), Farmer, d. Harmony 12 Nov. 1901, Heart Failure, 7 d. , Burial: Stevens Point, age 73

John Mead, married, b NJ, d Harmony 10 Nov 1900, Heart Failure, Burial: Brandt, age 73

(This John Mead appears to be the same as listed above but with different info? There is no existing gravestone for John Mead in the Stevens Point Cemetery. There are Mead‘s in the Brandt Cemetery but no John .There is no doubt that the John Mead listed here is the one enumerated in Harmony in 1900: John Mead, Farmer, b NJ, Apr 1829, age 72.

Whether he died in 1900 or 1901 and where buried is the question. No stone in Brandt or Stevens Point Cemeteries)

Maria Lange, married, b Germany, d Brandts 11 Nov 1900, Heart Failure, 1 wk, Burial: Brandts, age 63 (See below) **Has a stone**

Hattie Watkins, married, b New Milford, d Brandt 17 April 1900, Bright’s Disease, 4 mos, Burial: Brandt, age 28 **Has a stone**

Mary Lang, married, b (         ), d Harmony 11 Nov 1901, Heart Failure, Burial: Brandt, age (        )  (This is the same person as Maria Lange listed just above but with death date of 1901 instead of 1900. Gravestone says “Mrs. Henry Lange (Mary, d Nov 11, 1900.) **See above, stone says Mary Lange with death Nov. 11, 1900**

Earl French, b Harmony, d Harmony 25 Jan 1901, Congestion, 3 wks, Burial: Brandt, s/o Arthur & Ida French, age 4 mos. *No stone*

Wm. Roe, married, b (    ), Stone Mason, d Harmony 26 Jan 1901, Apoplexy, Burial: Brandt, 28 Jan 1901, age 62 **Has a stone**

Warren Tompkins, married, b Greene Co, NY, Farmer, d Harmony 19 July 1902, Pneumonia, 1 wk, Burial: Brandt, 21 July 1902, age 56 **Has a stone**

Sarah Bailey, married, b. Harmony, House Keeper,  d. Susquehanna, 17 Aug. 1904, Meningitis, 2 mos., age 57, Burial: Brandt

Mrs. E. T. Bailey, married, b England, d Susquehanna 16 Aug 1904, Operation, 4 mos, Burial: Brandt, age 47 **Sarah Bailey and Mrs. E. T. Bailey appear to be the same person *Has a stone**

H. O. Peck, married b Jewett, NY, Merchant, d Brandt 16 Aug 1904, Bright’s  Disease,

1 y, Burial: Brandt, age 52 **Has a stone**

Frank L. Keating, single, b Susquehanna, d E. Main St. (Susquehanna) 2 Sept 1904, Cerebral Meningitis, 1 wk, Burial: Brandt, s/o Fred & Agnes Keating, age 8 mos

*No stone*

Mary E. Raverey, married, b Sherman, (Wayne Co., ), PA, House Keeper, d Brandt 1 Jan 1905, Cancer, 2y, Burial: Brandt, age 68 *No stone*


  1. Sue
    Posted August 10, 2009 at 6:23 am | Permalink

    I would like to note that the above listed Smith, Agnes is actually ANGUS SMITH, a pioneer of Susquehanna county, from Starrucca, and the first man to operate a wood acid factory in the United States.

  2. Beverly Alexander
    Posted January 26, 2010 at 8:50 am | Permalink

    I noticed that listed in the Harmony deaths, my great great grandfather Daniel C. Myrick is buried in the
    Brandt cemetery, however, it does not indicate if he has a head stone. Is there a way to find out?

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