Welcome to the Stevens Point, PA website – a place where you will be able to find some information and articles that you may not have been able to find anywhere else on the web. A few years ago, I began to be interested in the history of Stevens Point and the surrounding Harmony Township communities and realized that there just wasn’t a whole lot of history available to anyone whose ancestors once lived and worked in what once was a thriving area due to quarrying, lumbering and railroading. And because Brandt-being only a few miles away- had such a rich history back in the late 1880’s and early 1900’s, I started to gather any and all information about its acid factory, brick factory, chair factory and its churches. Several merchantile stores also did a booming business during this time period.

Just a few more miles away, stone quarries, tanneries, several stores and a post office could be found in the little community of Lanesboro. All three of these little communities had stations and shipping docks that could be easily accessed to the railroad -the tracks ran right through these little “villages” and the people and businesses took full advantage of this commodity. Because of this, so many of the Stevens Point, Brandt and Lanesboro could and did traverse throughout the United States. Some came back, others never returned and were never heard from again.

I hope that there will be something here for you, something that will connect you with a long lost relative or you might read or see something that you didn’t ever know before! Enjoy my site.