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Agler, Barbara
Agler, Barbara hi-res
Agler, Lois B
Agler, Lois B hi-res
Agnew, Juanita (Orlando)
Agnew, Juanita (Orlando) hi-res
Aldrich, Doris L
Aldrich, Doris L hi-res
Aldrich, Leonard F
Aldrich, Leonard F hi-res
Anthony, Glenn T
Anthony, Glenn T hi-res
Arthur - Spoonhower (Anniversaries)
Arthur - Spoonhower (Anniversaries) hi-res
Ayres, Mary Ann (Migs)
Ayres, Mary Ann (Migs) hi-res
Ball, William E., Jr
Ball, William E., Jr hi-res
Barnes Kasson Hospital (First Floor Progress)
Barnes Kasson Hospital (First Floor Progress) hi-res
Barton, Betty
Barton, Betty hi-res
Barton, James W
Barton, James W hi-res
Barton, Marjorie Sarah (Kuhn)
Barton, Marjorie Sarah (Kuhn) hi-res
Barton, Robert Eugene
Barton, Robert Eugene hi-res
Basso, Sister Mary Roch
Basso, Sister Mary Roch hi-res
Bedford, Bernice Elnor
Bedford, Bernice Elnor hi-res
Bedford, Boyd Jr. (June)
Bedford, Boyd Jr. (June) hi-res
Benson, George Dean
Benson, George Dean hi-res
Bentz, Josefita M
Bentz, Josefita M hi-res
Biggie, Ray
Biggie, Ray hi-res
Blackington, Paul
Blackington, Paul hi-res
Botts, Francis J
Botts, Francis J hi-res
Brant, Edward Lewis
Brant, Edward Lewis hi-res
Burdick, George William Jr
Burdick, George William Jr hi-res
Burman, Marion (Slocum) (Bedford)
Burman, Marion (Slocum) (Bedford) hi-res
Burns, David A
Burns, David A hi-res
Burns, Thomas Martin
Burns, Thomas Martin hi-res
Carlsen, Carl T. (Bill)
Carlsen, Carl T. (Bill) hi-res
Carpenter, Helen
Carpenter, Helen hi-res
Carpenter, Jacob Jeorge
Carpenter, Jacob Jeorge hi-res
Carpenter, Pamela, Kenneth and Tracy
Carpenter, Pamela, Kenneth and Tracy hi-res
Cavanaugh, George
Cavanaugh, George hi-res
Clapper, Leo S., Jr
Clapper, Leo S., Jr hi-res
Cole, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis (72ndAnniversary)
Cole, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis (72ndAnniversary) hi-res
Conrad, Kathryn I
Conrad, Kathryn I hi-res
Cook, Clara Ruth
Cook, Clara Ruth hi-res
Corse, A. D
Corse, A. D hi-res
Crandall, Rena Edna
Crandall, Rena Edna hi-res
Dackonish, Kenneth J
Dackonish, Kenneth J hi-res
DeAngelis, Thomasina
DeAngelis, Thomasina hi-res
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